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Cranmore welcomes newest addition to Snowcat fleet
PistenBully 400 ParkPro

North Conway, NH (March 4, 2024) - Cranmore Mountain Resort furthers their mission to create the best snow surface possible with another addition to its fleet of snowcats, the PistenBully 400 ParkPro.

The ParkPro allows Cranmore to stay competitive in its snow surface management by providing enhanced grooming services for guests. It strikes a perfect balance between force and weight, meaning it fits into an important niche at Cranmore: powerful enough to move snow effectively, but agile and precise enough to build Terrain-Based Learning and Terrain Park Features.

“This vehicle opens an entirely new scope of creativity and efficiency in regard to Cranmore’s grooming services,” said Director of Mountain Operations Brantly Ludington. “The Flexible ProBlade and ProFlex Tiller are extremely detailed when shaping snow, while the 6-belt KombiPlus track cleat employs optimum force transmission, resulting in remarkable pushing performance.”

Cranmore prides itself on offering diverse, progressive terrain for all levels of skiers. From Morton’s 60 to the Beginner Basin, each and every guest will reap the benefits of this impressive new technology.

The ParkPro is the third PistenBully model to join Cranmore’s rank of snowcats. Cranmore also utilizes the PistenBully 600 E+, a vehicle complete with diesel-electric drive. This allows for powerful immediate thrust, even at low engine RPMs. It’s a snowcat renowned for its ability to shape the steepest pitches and slopes.

Rounding out the Pistenbully collection is Cranmore’s 600 Winch, which includes an automatic winch pull control, making it an incredible tool for terrain maintenance at the top of the hill.

“We want to share the love of snowsports by giving guests the best experience possible,” said Ben Wilcox, President & General Manager of Cranmore Mountain Resort. “Consistently elevating our services with new, high-performing machinery is just one way we’re accomplishing that goal.”

All three Pistenbullys also work to further Cranmore’s green initiative. For instance, the ParkPro utilizes the cleanest emission technology with its Tier 4 Cummins L9 engine. This 6-cylinder engine incorporates a gas after-treatment system, significantly reducing harmful nitric oxide emissions (as well as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions). The 600 E+ and the 600 Winch are also designed to operate with low levels of fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emissions.

Each of these snowcats use their specific machinations and features to ensure all aspects of Cranmore’s terrain development are consistently at their best.

Images of the PistenBully can be found here (credit: Cranmore Mountain Resort).

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